Выпущен AGS 3.0.2!

Выпущен AGS 3.0.2! Приличный список багфиксов и некоторых усовершенствований. Смотрим список изменений и качаем тут...


* Added Global Variables pane to editor, to allow you to easily declare global variables for the script instead of having to do all the import/export rubbish
* Added script functions Dialog.GetOptionText, Dialog.DisplayOptions, Dialog.OptionCount, Game.DialogCount, DynamicSprite.CreateFromDrawingSurface
* Added plugin API functions IsRunningUnderDebugger, BreakIntoDebugger and GetPathToFileInCompiledFolder
* Added editor plugin API methods ShowSpriteSelector, SetStatusBarText, Game.Sprites, CreateNewSprite, ChangeSpriteImage, GetSpriteUsageReport, DeleteSprite
* Improved responsiveness of room Edges editor under Windows Vista
* Improved look of various dialogs when run at 120 DPI
* Improved parsing of function list in script editor when the script contains comments and strings
* Editor now makes sure that you don't name a View the same as a character
* When importing alpha channel images, alpha-transparent pixels are now recognised as transparent pixels
* New GUI alpha channel method (in General Settings) to allow more intuitive rendering of alpha channels on GUI controls
* Alpha-transparent background and borders are now supported for textwindow GUIs
* Added option to put sprite and sound files under source control
* Modified source control integration not to check in the username, which was happening in some cases
* Updated to v1.6.0 of Verb Coin template (thanks Electroshokker!)
* Room editor now shows "?" for mouse position when the cursor is outside the room area
* Improved editor behaviour on startup if registry entries have been corrupted
* Fixed demo game not compiling
* Fixed editor error loading games if your regional settings had a space in the short date format
* Fixed excluded room files still being compiled into the game EXE
* Fixed potential managed object pool corruption if you used SayBackground a lot
* Fixed some TTF fonts being incorrectly positioned in the editor GUI previewer
* Fixed hotspot sometimes getting corrupted when importing a new background
* Fixed exported GUIs not having the sprite resolutions exported correctly
* Fixed line and rectangle tools sometimes being slightly out from where the area actually appeared
* Fixed alpha channel not working on graphical Overlays
* Fixed 8-bit rooms from 2.72 not being displayed correctly in the editor if they used gamewide colours
* Fixed DrawingSurface.GetPixel sometimes returning invalid values in 32-bit games
* Fixed translation file generation failing if a script included a speech mark inside quotes ('"')
* Fixed Game.TranslationFilename property returning a path when the game is run under the debugger
* Fixed crash if you tried to crop edges on a completely transparent sprite
* Fixed Mouse.ChangeModeView crashing if you passed a View of -1
* Fixed Voice Actor Script generation giving error if you used "Narrator" (with a capital N) in a dialog script
* Fixed speech.vox being generated even if you had no speech
* Fixed transparency being lost when importing an 8-bit character into a hi-colour game
* Fixed the last imported image file being locked by the editor
* Fixed template generation failing if the template had speech or translations
* Fixed template generation saying it was successful even when it failed
* Fixed Create New Game not putting music/sound files in the sub-folders
* Fixed dynamic arrays not working if you had Left-to-right Precedence turned off
* Fixed view preview not flipping frames if they were being scaled down
* Fixed view preview not being updated if you changed the currently displayed sprite's Flipped setting
* Fixed script editor function list not including extender functions
* Fixed editor crash if you deleted a GUI control whilst in the middle of dragging it around
* Fixed editor crash if you deleted the Compiled folder while it was running
* Fixed editor crash if you selected a whole line of script and then pressed F1
* Fixed error generating voice acting script if there was a player.Say line in the script with no indentation
* Fixed crash in sprite import window when zooming out and in of the bottom right corner
* Fixed intermittent error after closing game when using debugger
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