Вышла новая версия AGS!

Вышел AGS версии 3.0! Это очень большое обновление, разработка которого длилась более года. Из новшеств имеется: полностью переписанный редактор, аппаратное ускорение с поддержкой DirectX 9, полная поддержка 256-символьной ASCII для европейских языков, например – французского, испанского и надеюсь русского (при использованииTTF шрифтов) и другие изменения/дополнения!

Скачать знаменитый полностью Freeware квестовый-движок можно здесь...

AGS ver.3.0

Смотрите полный список изменений.

It features the following changes over 2.72:

* Rewritten editor from scratch; includes various new features such as ability to have more than one script open at a time
* Hardware accelerated graphics driver in game engine, which speeds up rooms with lots of sprites, alpha blended objects, and more.
* Full support for 256-character ASCII, so European languages like French and Spanish are now supported if you use a TTF font.
* Added script debugger
* Added integration with Windows Vista's Game Explorer and Enhanced Save Games
* Added support for script extender functions.
* Added support for dynamic arrays in script
* Added source control integration
* Added crash dump file when engine crashes, to enable faster fixing of bugs
* New .NET-based editor plugin API.
* Added Game.DoOnceOnly, Character.ChangeRoomAutoPosition, Game.FontCount,  Game.MouseCursorCount, DynamicSprite.GetDrawingSurface, DrawingSurface.*, DynamicSprite.Create script functions/properties.
* Added syntax highlighting for struct types
* Overhaul of RawDrawing functions, including ability to draw onto dynamic sprites and various new features.
* Removed limit on number of views, GUIs and characters
* Removed limits on number of frames per loop and loops per view
* Increased max objects per room to 40 and max hotspots to 50.
* Fonts have a script enum eFontXXX rather than having to use a number.
* Engine will now automatically try 640x400 for 320x200 games if the player's PC doesn't support 320x200 (since this is becoming more common)
* Improved performance of Character.PlaceOnWalkableArea in large rooms.
* Workaround for teleportation problem in scrolling rooms with right edge incorrectly set.
* Fixed String.Format crashing if the string length was more than 1200 characters.
* Fixed engine crashing on startup if it was unable to load a plugin.
* Fixed issue when combining CreateXXXOverlay and Overlay.CreateXXXX
* Fixed changes to ViewFrame.Graphic not always being persisted in save games
* Improved script garbage collection, so that calling String.Append in rep_exec doesn't keep eating up more and more memory until you save the game.
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